Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sims 2 Cheats and quick start up tips

To bring up the Cheat window, press Ctrl + Shift + C. Then key in the cheat code. Some cheat functions may seem arcane to the average player. Don’t worry, they made us feel stupid, too. But hackers will probably find some useful tools for evading the NORAD detection ‘bots.

This list of codes starts with the ones most people want first—the money cheats—plus one other we found pretty cool, the water tool cheat. The rest follow in alphabetical order.
Adds 1,000 simoleans to your bank account. It also activates the ability to use the following cheat.

Each “!;” (exclamation point/semicolon) pair adds 1,000 simoleans to your account. Must be activated by entering the previous “rosebud” cheat first.

This cheat enables the water tool for landscaping your lot with water. To deactivate the water tool, go into Build mode and pick
another tool. Hold down c and use the left mouse button to recreate land. Remember that water blocks Sims routing

autonomy (0 to 100)
This cheat sets the autonomous behavior level of all the Sims in the house. Enter 0 to turn autonomy off, 50 to set it to normal level. Enter 100 for “super autonomy,” which allows Sims to do things that only the users can do.

bubble_tweak (0 to –65)
This cheat sets the ‘z’ value to offset the Sims’ thought bubbles. The default is –65, so the bubbles don’t poke through the headboards on beds.

draw_all_frames (on/off)
Draw all animation frames without skipping to keep up. This allows you to view all animations but forces the game speed to zero at times.

draw_floorable (on/off)
Turns the floorable grid on and off in Build mode when you add a second story. It’s defaulted to “on.” (“Floorable” describes an area where you can place floor grids. Don’t you love designer-speak?)

draw_routes (on/off)
Draw colored dots on the selected Sim’s path. This one’s kind of cool.

genable (various settings)
Use this cheat to turn the drawing of surfaces to screen on and off. We’re not sure why anyone would want to turn stuff off, but here’s the list:

genable default: Sets everything to default.
genable status: Shows current settings.
genable terrain (on/off): Enables/disables terrain drawing.
genable floors (on/off): Enables/disables floor drawing.
genable walls (on/off): Enables/disables wall drawing.
genable objects (on/off): Enables/disables object drawing.
genable people (on/off): Enables/disables people drawing.
genable all (on/off): Enables/disables all the foregoing.